[GTALUG] VM decisions for school laptop..

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Thu Apr 12 23:07:37 EDT 2018

| From: Clifford Ilkay via talk <talk at gtalug.org>

| The BIOS
| must support VT-x, too. The "workstation" type of notebooks should support
| it. Cheaper notebooks might have a CPU that supports VT-x but the BIOS
| might not. Hyper-V will not work without VT-x enabled.

I haven't seen a BIOS that stupid.  I've seen them stupidly default
VT-X off.  Perhaps there were in a few the early days when only some
Intel chips supported VT-x.  I don't remember that being the case for
any Core i processors.

I think that only some Core 2 Duo processors had VT-x.  And only some
Pentium 4 processors had VT-x.  Neither family matters these days.

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