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Thu Apr 12 12:17:10 EDT 2018

On Thu, Apr 12, 2018, 10:45 Alvin Starr via talk, <talk at gtalug.org> wrote:

> Once upon a time there was an xserver that would run on windows but I
> don't know if such a thing still exists.

The vowel-free VcXsrv is still in (occasional) development. Works decently
with the Windows Linux subsystem.

Another possible solution would be vncserver which I do use on a number
of headless systems.

As a Raspberry Pi user, I'm blown away by how good the (commercial) RealVNC
server is. It's extremely fast, and has a level of hardware integration
that the free implementations can only gawp at.

Is linux on windows as good(bad) as Wine on linux?

Way better. It's indistinguishable for Linux, for me. It's got all the
/proc and /dev I'd expect. It's got a kernel and an os-release. You can
install and run x86_64 packages, and run a full dev environment

Wine is more like "you might be able to run this old Win32 app if you
fiddle with it enough, sorta". Since my Wine needs are limited to running a
terrible old laser cutter control software that only runs under XP, it does
the job, but pretty it isn't.


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