[GTALUG] New Desktop PC -- debian Linux - Proposed 2 TB HDD Partitioning;

Steve Petrie, P.Eng. apetrie at aspetrie.net
Wed Apr 11 09:58:05 EDT 2018

Warm Greetings To GTALUG Members,

This coming weekend (Friday 13 April 2018) I will be building my new desktop PC with the help of my friend who has built quite a few PCs for his employer.

The new PC will be running debian Linux and will soon take over duties from an ancient Dell desktop PC running Windows XP (acquired new in March 2005)..

I will post the final hardware configuration on PCPartPicker once the new PC is operational.

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Meanwhile, I would like to ask GTALUG members please to itake a look at the partitioning configuraiton I am proposing for the 2 TB Western Digital HDD (best to stretch your email client window to defeat word wrap):
  ==> *** STANDARD LINUX ***

     /device     partition

  ==> linux normal boot #1: (current active version of linux os, will be recycled for next version)
     /dev/sda1   gpt001      ext2    ???    /boot
     /dev/sda2   gpt002      ext3     50    / (root), /bin, /dev, /etc, /initrd, /lib, sbin

  ==> linux normal boot #2: (next version of linux os, will become current version)
     /dev/sda1   gpt003      ext2    ???    /boot
     /dev/sda2   gpt004      ext3     50    / (root), /bin, /dev, /etc, /initrd, /lib, sbin

  ==> linux rescue boot:
     /dev/sda1   gpt005      ext2    ???    /boot 
     /dev/sda2   gpt006      ext3     50    / (root), /bin, /dev, /etc, /initrd, /lib, sbin
  150 GB + 3X boot

  ==> linux temporary:
     /dev/sda3   gpt103      ext4     64    (swap1)
     /dev/sda4   gpt104      ext4     64    (swap2)
     /dev/sda5   gpt105      ext4     64    (swap3)
     /dev/sda6   gpt106      ext4    200    /tmp
  392 GB

  ==> linux permanent:
     /dev/sda7   gpt207      ext4    100    /var
     /dev/sda8   gpt208      ext4    100    /usr

  ==> linux user permanent:
     /dev/sda9   gpt309      ext4    100    /usr/local
     /dev/sda10  gpt310      ext4    100    /home
  400 GB

  ==> *** USER-DEFINED ***

     /dev/sda51  gpt551..557 ext4     75X7  /!_d ... /!_j (current, clone winxp partition structure, allow for growth)
     /dev/sda52  gpt599      ext4     70    /!~dell (WinXP archive C..J: ../winxp_c .. ../winxp_j (WinXP archive C..J))
  595 GB

  ==> other operating systems:
     /dev/sda61  gpt661      ext4    ???    /._win7   virtualized windows 7
     /dev/sda62  gpt662      ext4    ???    /._win7_1
     /dev/sda63  gpt663      ext4    ???    /._dfly   virtualized dragonflybsd
     /dev/sda64  gpt664      ext4    ???    /._dfly_1
  ??? GB

  ==> ssd partitions:
     /dev/sda71  gpt771      ext4     --    /.~ssd01   (ssd partition) | total ssd
     /dev/sda72  gpt772      ext4     --    /.~ssd02   (ssd partition) | capacity
     /dev/sda73  gpt773      ext4     --    /.~ssd03   (ssd partition) |  256 GB
     ---------   ---------   ----   -----   -----------------------------------------------
  N/A GB

  ==> allocated:                    1537 GB (+ 3x boot)
  ==> unallocated:                 + 463 GB (- 3x boot)
     ---------   ---------   ----   -----   -----------------------------------------------
  ==> Total HDD Capacity:           2000 GB
Note 1: Please be aware that I am a complete Linux newbie but with a software engineering background.

Note 2: Hoping to be able to swap back and forth between an "active" version of Linux and the "next" version of Linux, by switching the roles of partitions   (gpt001, gpt002) <==> (gpt003,gpt004) .

Note 3: Please be aware that I intend to maintain most of my user-related content in the seven (7) partitions gpt551..gpt557

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Comments, criticisms, questions welcome.

Best Regards,

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