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Tue Apr 3 20:01:29 EDT 2018

I will endorse KnowRoaming.  I started using their SIM (in a second phone)
for my travels to Europe and Asia.  I pay-as-I-go for roaming data, and
have found the service works well at a reasonable price.  I prefer using
wifi (on my primary phone), but when I'm lost and need a connection, I
don't think that I've every paid more than $20 for a week's use (and it's
usually $10).

My main phone is the Freedom Mobile, on a legacy offer that covered Ontario
only for $30 per month.  When I go to the U.S., I turn on the Ready-to-Go,
and then turn it off when I return.

The international roaming service on Freedom Mobile was much better, 3 or 4
years ago as Wind Mobile, than now.  I first noticed that World Traveller
didn't cover Ireland, then Finland, and then Austria.  (UK and Germany,
yes).  Hence the switch to KnowRoaming, which works even in China.  In the
U.S., it's more convenient to maintain the primary Freedom phone number, so
I don't use KnowRoaming there.

This approach really optimizes for international roaming, at the expense of
local service.  I live in downtown Toronto, and still pay for a landline,
so service interruptions are actually okay for me.  Before the LTE was
enabled late last year, I noticed that my service inside concrete buildings
wasn't good, while friends could use Bell or Rogers without difficulty.

I also have a free phone number on Fongo.  When I'm travelling overseas and
want to make a call back to Canada over wifi, sometimes Fongo works better
than Google Hangout phone calls.

On Tue, Apr 3, 2018 at 4:04 PM, Andrew Paolucci via talk <talk at gtalug.org>

> Full Disclosure: I worked for my telecommunication suggestion previously.
> There is a local company called KnowRoaming that sells both hard and soft
> sim options that can operate in any and all countries. KnowRoaming is a
> Canadian MVNO operating via a wholly owned American subsidiary Telecom
> North America which operates as a full MNO in the USA.
> The quality of service won't be the same you'd get on our national
> carriers but this product would give you the option to use either Robbers
> or Bellus at your own will.
> Hopefully this is an option that fits your needs!
> Regards,
> Andrew Paolucci
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> > > At $5 US it's pretty close to 6 CDN?
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> > Take a look at the monthly plans. They have a $40 for 30 days plan
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> > that looks pretty good.
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