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> <http://gtalug.org/meeting/2017-10/>
> # The State of Mozilla with Mike Hoye
> In November, Mozilla will release Firefox 57, a major update to the
> browser with a lot of new technology and features under the hood. Mike Hoye
> will be joining us to talk where Firefox, Mozilla and the Web are today,
> and where they're going.

I can't attend (just a couple and then some thousand km away - - - sorry)
but I would love to get a response to a question (or two).

Am a serious browser user - - - in the past have had up to 18 windows open
and from 3 to 50+ tabs on any one window. There isn't a browser out there
that can handle that kind of usage especially NOT FF! ( I have north of 20
GB of RAM plus a system to match so its really not a resources issue). The
issue is that browsers are quite memory wasteful and somehow can't use ram
neatly. When can we expect the present malaise to change - - - - 2030?

Maybe his response to my comment/question could be transmitted back - - -

Yes I've tried using the 'help' section but dev types don't seem to ever
read anything there.


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