[GTALUG] Dead DVD drive in laptop

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Fri Sep 29 17:14:26 EDT 2017

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I'm not an expert, but here are my thoughts:

> The DVD drive on my Dell Inspiron laptop has died.
> I see three options:
> 1. Get it fixed

This will likely be the most expensive in both dollars and hours-of-downtime

> 2. Replace it
> 3. Ignore it and get an external DVD

3 is the easiest and the fastest (cost in time, relative to 2), because you don't have to open up your lappy, and you don't have to figure out which model of internal drive is compatible with your lappy, and possibly wait while it is ordered.  Couldn't say which (between 2 and 3) would cost more dollar wise.

But, with 2, you don't have to carry around, and find desk space for, another device and cable.

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