[GTALUG] Programming Atmel Microprocessor from Linux

phiscock at ee.ryerson.ca phiscock at ee.ryerson.ca
Fri Sep 29 13:47:14 EDT 2017

Thanks, Kevin. Noted.

If you give me a URL, I'll have a look at it.

Cheers -

> On 2017-09-22 04:22 PM, Peter Hiscocks via talk wrote:
>> I'm currently developing a program in assembly language, using a Linux
>> platform to host the development. The development environment is very
>> simple. My notes on this are now on my academic web page
> If you wanted to update your paper you can add information about using a
> Raspberry Pi with simple interface to develop software for, and program,
> ATMEL AVR microprocessors. I have a project up on the hackaday.io site
> where
> I do that. A Pi Zero W is my current development platform. I ssh in to the
> Zero from a Pi 3 that has a keyboard and monitor attached.
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