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David Collier-Brown davec-b at rogers.com
Fri Sep 22 15:37:53 EDT 2017

On 22/09/17 02:40 PM, James Knott via talk wrote:
> I wonder if they'll provide X.509 certificates for individuals.  While
> many people use them (and some use PGP/GPG) the big issue for so many is
> convenience.  In companies that use a directory server, it's a simple
> matter to get the certificates for anyone else in the company, making it
> real easy to send encrypted email.  Otherwise, you have to arrange for
> certs on your own and then send a signed message, so that the other
> person can send you an encrypted email.  Of course, many people haven't
> even heard of email encryption.  A few years ago, CIBC was offering
> X.509 certificates for customers, but I believe they could only be used
> for banking business, such as applying for loans etc.  I don't know if
> they're still doing it.
I would rather have a separate certificate for each supplier: One might 
be (dave & bank X), another (joyce and dave & bank x) and a third be 
(dave & credit-card-company Z).

Having a single proof of identity poses a problem when you have to 
revoke it because you used it for (dave & scammer W)


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