[GTALUG] Where are we eating?

Myles Braithwaite 👾 me at mylesb.ca
Tue Sep 12 17:17:29 EDT 2017

+1 for Pizza. 

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> On 12 September 2017 at 16:26, David Collier-Brown via talk
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> > I've not seen the traditional discussion yet...
> I'd been lazy, and was really hoping a suggestion would have arrived by now.
> I have two thoughts:
> a) We haven't ever officially gone to Blaze, wee pizza place on Dundas
> at Yonge. I liked it when I tried it out.
> b) Kabul Express (126 Dundas) is where Myles and I went last month.
> It's very very close to our building at Ryerson. I only disapprove of
> the fact that I was there just last month, so I'd kind of rather Blaze
> over to a).
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