[GTALUG] From BTRFS to what?

Anthony de Boer adb at adb.ca
Wed Sep 6 07:18:43 EDT 2017

Christopher Browne wrote:
>  ...  I recall some fun bits
> trying to figure out how you'd attach extended attributes in a
> useful way (hint: it's not particularly easy, because people
> are accustomed to using tar to capture filesystems, and you'd
> need to change tar somewhat substantially to be EA-aware).

One big screwup was that there are multiple add-ons like attributes and
ACLs and last I looked each had their own syscalls to get/set that
stuff.  Ideally there'd be a single syscall to get a whole blob of that
stuff for backup purposes, that you could push back in to restore all
of those bits.  As it is, each tool (tar, rsync, cpio, ...) has to make
its own decision whether to implement each Brilliant New Idea and how to
go about it and wedge it in in some hopefully-backward-compatible way.

Anthony de Boer

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