[GTALUG] From BTRFS to what?

Dhaval Giani dhaval.giani at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 14:13:01 EDT 2017

Hi Alvin

> That is not even close to a real characterization of the conversation.
> The point has been that losing a major distribution, and RH is a major
> distribution,  just takes away from the momentum that a project may have.
> Take a look at Xen and its uptake outside Citrix once RH moved to KVM.

As I have mentioned countless times in this thread. Red Hat is not a
major contributor to btrfs (and hasn't been for a while). If you want
a big adoptee of btrfs, look at facebook.

Please understand, by constantly going back to Red Hat, you are
ensuring Open Source and the Linux Kernel get looked as a single
company project. From what I can see on lwn, red hat hasn't even been
a majority contributor to the kernel for a while.  So, please stop
spreading this bit that just because red hat has pulled support away
from a project, it will die. The project will go away only when there
are superior options.


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