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Myles Braithwaite 👾 me at mylesb.ca
Tue Sep 5 09:57:48 EDT 2017

Slack Rat via talk wrote:
> Does anyone have any comments on Brendan Eich's new "Brave"
> browser?
> Now in a sort of wide beta, I'm personally impressed and am using
> it as my main browser.
> At least it's blindingly fast and sound works out of the box and
> many of the early version quirks have been obviated.

It's a little to flakey right now to be used as my main browser and
Chrome and Firefox Developer Edition have all the dev tools I need to do
my job.

My favorite thing is Brave Payments[0] as a way of paying for good
content. Personally I see myself paying a percentage of $10 a week to
the websites I visit instead of for each individual website.

It's a pay structure like Spotify or Netflix but fairer for the content
creator. Spotify's payment system is setup in a way that your money
doesn't go to the artist you listen to but it a huge pot which is split
out to all the artists. This gives popular artists a large share of the
profits and hurts the smaller acts. Netflix is worse but that because of
the film industry as a whole.

It seems that content creators want to go the HBO and Disney route where
you pay for every website you visit, which is a little crazy IMHO.

Hopefully Brave will come out with a plugin for all the major browsers
to use their payment system across all platforms and the content
creators can advertise it as a way of supporting their sites. But I'm an
obvious cloud-in-the-sky Hipster.

[0]: <https://brave.com/publishers/>

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