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>> | Redhat was never a major contributor to btrfs. The folks who are on
>> | like it and will continue fund its development. We might see a
>btrfs v2
>> | similar to ext3 and ext4. But only time will tell. Please let's not

 <snip the middle>

>employed by Red Hat. The linux kernel is a community effort, let's not
>give Red Hat all the credit.

Let us however give credit where it is due. There is a reason, that in popular Linux distributions, there are rpm based systems and then there are are other repository based management systems. Of course if you are diehard, you may always build from source.

Early innovation and early adoption pave the way, at the time. Its a big world and there is plenty room for upstart innovation as well. Some of these upstarts are born of vanity and some are born of necessity. The free market works that way. 

Take cars for instance. A person really only needs one or two types of personal four wheeled gas powered conveyances, yet look at the market. Hundreds of makes and models each with their own selling points, all of which are mostly based on convenience and choice, but there is hardly any difference in utility between them all.

Consumers choice is what a free market is all about. Except for the carburetor which got 100mpg, we all know what happened to that one ...

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