[GTALUG] From BTRFS to what?

Dhaval Giani dhaval.giani at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 08:47:50 EDT 2017

> I was not trying to equate RH with BTRFS development but pointing out that
> when a major distribution provider decides to drop a project that they once
> included its a big hit for the project.

And as I mentioned, Red Hat was never a major contributor to btrfs.
AFAIK, the maintainer of btrfs still contributes and maintains btrfs
(and fwiw, he is almost local to us folks from the GTA). The other
folks who contribute to btrfs still do. Bugs still get reported and
fixed. There may not be too many new features coming, but how many
mature filesystems have new features come in? This bit about btrfs
being deprecated sounds like FUD to me, when at least no one upstream
thinks that's the case.

Again, RH not supporting btrfs officially just tells us that they did
not get that many customer requests to justify *their* investment in
it. Not that it will be deprecated by the upstream community (which is
what you should care about). Not that it will be a big hit to the


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