[GTALUG] From BTRFS to what?

Alvin Starr alvin at netvel.net
Sun Sep 3 21:56:57 EDT 2017

On 09/03/2017 09:40 PM, Stewart C. Russell via talk wrote:

> On 2017-09-03 09:02 PM, Alvin Starr via talk wrote:
>> Remember Reiserfs? … Much more reliable then the equivalent ext
>> systems but non-technology related issues killed it.
> Very much technology related, it seems to me. It's hard to manage patch
> requests when your lead architect is serving 15 to life in San Quentin
> for murder.

True enough but the project could have been picked up by others.
I think that if it was zyzzy-fs then it would likely had carried on.
Lots of projects extend beyond the original authors interest and in some 
sad cases life.

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