[GTALUG] another little computer: the kangaroo

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Sun Jan 31 11:08:02 UTC 2016

| From: William Park <opengeometry at yahoo.ca>

| How would do compare this Kangaroo with Intel/Lenovo stick?
| CanadaComputers sells Intel/Lenovo sticks, too.

I don't remember in detail, but I think those both are based on a Z3735F 
processor.  That processor tends to come with 32-bit UEFI (not supported 
by Linux distros except poorly by debian) (Kangaroo has better processor 
and 64-bit UEFI).  USB 3.0 is crucial for fast I/O and I suspect those 
don't come with USB 3.0 (Kangaroo has one USB 3 and one USB 2).  And these 
sticks are usually more expensive than the sale price of the Kangaroo.

[Hugh wanders off to do homework.]

- out of stock
- $200 (I saw it on Boxing Day for $100)
- only USB 2.0, only one
- Windows 10 Home, 32-bit: implies 32-bit UEFI

- quite a range but only the Z3735F ones are available to us as far as
  I know.  The better ones will be expensive.  So I'll only talk about the
  Z3735F ones.
- Ubuntu version has half the RAM and half the eMMC memory (too little).
  Ignore it.
- $209.00!
- only USB 2.0, only one
- specs don't seem to say whether it has 32-bit UEFI.  I infer that from
  the driver download page that it is 32-bit.

|  Kangaroo seems to have
| battery and USB3.  But, all the ports (HDMI, USB) are on "dock".  What's
| the rationale behind the removable dock?  Portability?  But, you have to
| carry 2 pieces, now.

Good question.  There are no useful wired connections without the dock.  
The microUSB port is only for trickle-charging (it has a battery).  There 
are interesting wireless capabilities and a MicroSD, so it can be a 

There are promises of other docks with other I/O configurations  Some 
where shown at CES this month.

Summary: Kangaroo is a much better choice, especially for Linux folks,
unless the size is an overriding issue.

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