[GTALUG] Postfix question

Blaise Alleyne email+libre at blaise.ca
Sat Jan 30 12:33:37 UTC 2016

On 30/01/16 11:34 AM, William Witteman wrote:
> I am running a mailserver (Postfix, Dovecot, Spamassassin), and I have
> some virtual alias maps that send some email to gmail addresses.
> My question is, is there a way to see if postfix is forwarding the
> email to the alias list *before* it runs the spam checking?  Because I
> think it might be, which means that I am trying to send spam to gmail,
> which they take a dim view of (refusing all connections an gumming up
> my queue).
> If this is happening, can I get postfix to weed out the spam before
> running the virtual aliases?

I'm not sure about the answer to your question, but I've had similar problems,
and I've found that it's much safer to require Gmail users to pull via POP3 than
to forward mail to a Gmail address.

There's no risk of getting your mail server blackholed by Google if you go the
POP3 route. And trust me, having all your email disappeared by Google is not fun.

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