[GTALUG] PHD-VRX2 Linux-based PVR to scrap

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Sat Jan 23 11:05:38 UTC 2016

| From: phiscock at ee.ryerson.ca

| I have a PHD-VRX2 Linux-based PVR that is misbehaving and I've replaced it
| with a ChannelMaster unit, so the PHD is being scrapped.

How would you compare the two?

I presume that neither let you hack the firmware.

The PHD-VRX2 page looks a bit unmaintained.  For example, it mentions
Zap2it which got renamed some time ago.

The PHD-VRX2 documentention mentions MPEG2 while DVR+ documentation
mentions MPEG4.

I got notice of a sale on DVR+ (I'm on their mailing list because I bought 
a few distribution amplifiers from them).  CMVIP code at checkout gets $50 
off.  All prices are, of course, US$.  I'm not even sure how good they are 
at shipping to Canada.

Thanks for offering your PHD-VRX2 to the list!

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