[GTALUG] Thunderbird weirdness

Malgosia Askanas maskanas at pair.com
Mon Jan 18 17:36:31 UTC 2016

Indeed; a hexdump (of a fragment saved using vi) shows them to be LF's (0A).  Is this the entire story, do you think?  Or is vi already giving me a sanitized version, and that's what I am saving?  It's not clear to me what to use to extract the "real" contents of the message; and finding my way through a hexdump of my entire very large mailfile doesn't seem feasible.  Do you have any thoughts on this?

I wouldn't be so interested if it was just one message.  But this has been happening a lot lately (and not in the past).  I do have to wonder what in the world could be causing it...


On 2016-01-18 05:02 PM, D. Hugh Redelmeier wrote:
> | From: Malgosia Askanas <maskanas at pair.com>
> | What do you think could be causing a message I received, whose source looks
> | like this:
> As a user of a plain-text Mail User Agent, I'm an innocent bystander in
> the fights between GUI MUAs.
> I would have a deep look at the headers of the messages.  I bet that there
> is some misunderstanding between the two ends.  For example, your mail had
> this header:
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"; Format="flowed"
> Lots of mail is still encoded in other charsets.  For example Windows-12*
> (* means some digits that I don't remember).  Confusion can lead to lots
> of funny results.
> You could look at the raw message but that has a bit of a learning curve.
> I bet those A characters are really part of some magic character sequence,
> starting with a byte >= 128 or < 32.
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