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Alvin Starr alvin at netvel.net
Wed Jan 13 15:42:40 UTC 2016

We tried to buy BSD source for a project.

The first task that was required was to get a V7 licence from AT&T.

So BSD was only free to those who owned a Unix license already.

On 01/13/2016 03:17 PM, John Sellens wrote:
> On Wed, 2016/01/13 09:47:34AM -0500, Alvin Starr <alvin at netvel.net> wrote:
> | Almost all the original free software came from individuals or very
> | small groups.
> I would say that depends on what you define as "original".
> Many would consider the original BSD code as free, and that came
> from the University of California.
> Going back to the mid-80's there was lots of free software,
> much of it from large organizations or companies.  Perhaps not
> officially, but it was there.
> John
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