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ted leslie ted.leslie at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 22:43:57 UTC 2016

Totally disagree with Steve on this one.
In 96-97 I set up an ISP, and bsdi was one of the top choices.
It was about 1000$ from what I remember, and cheaper​ ​for
a workstation, and cheaper in bulk buys
(digiboard drivers wo
well on it, over linux at the time as well).

In tech support, a few times I called up, I actually talked to to the likes
of Kolstad
​, etc, so it was a
small shop at the time, and prices would have dropped if sales were very
high volume.​
​ (i was cust ~#2000 ish)
If Linux didn't come along, BSDI and other player would have had to drop
prices, and if Linux didn't come in, another would have, i.e. RMS and herd
, etc.
​ Who is to say in a few years even BSDi could have done "free",
with a nice gig for paid support, etc.​
So at best Linux bought us a year (Still a great thing that is!), but not
anything like the what the article says. If Linux never saw the light of
day, the internet would be exactly as it is today, maybe Android would be a
bit different :) but the internet would be the same.

Am I biased!!  ​used Linux/GNU/X for over a decade as my main desktop,
​ servers for 15+ years​
etc, but I am also a realist
steve is smoking crack on this one
​ big time.​


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