[GTALUG] Is there an "ubuntu" package for xterm-toolbar?

Paul King sciguy at vex.net
Sat Jan 9 18:17:19 UTC 2016

I was wondering if anyone on this list uses xterm with a toolbar? Toolbars are 
the thingies which would normally work on CTRL+mousebutton, except that they 
are permanently fixed on to the top of the window below the title bar. 

I can get a toolbar by default on Cygwin/X, but not in Ubuntu Studio 14.x. The 
Ubuntu manpage for xterm says that +tb is the option to use, but all I get from 
that is a error message. Supported and documented under xterm, but not in the 
actual Ubuntu binary ... ?

Do I need to download a different package which has the toolbar option compiled 
in? Anyone know?

Paul King

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