[GTALUG] installing linux while retaining Windows 10

Blaise Alleyne email+libre at blaise.ca
Tue Jan 5 11:04:00 UTC 2016

On 04/01/16 10:31 PM, James Knott wrote:
> On 01/04/2016 09:51 PM, Paul King wrote:
>> Do you have room for a second HD? My linux boots from a different HD, and the 
>> only thing modified on the Windows HD is the MBR. Been doing it that way for 
>> years, with W7, and now with W10 installed.
> Hard to do on a notebook computer with room for only one drive.

Only if you need regular access to Windows. If it's infrequent (i.e. just not
brave enough to wipe it in case it might one day ever be needed), you could swap
drives in that rare case when it's needed for something.

Or, will Windows 10 boot from an external USB drive? Hardware would be the
same... I haven't used Windows since XP, so not sure if more recent control
measures would freak out over that... If that's an option, you could just put
the second drive in an external USB enclosure.

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