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RingĀ http://ring.cx and also check the Android app

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On 02/01/16 02:54 AM, Bob Jonkman wrote:
> [...] I've used a Cisco SPA-122 ATA and a Grandstream HT702 ATA, as well as
> a Grandstream GXP280 voip phone (and a number of SIP phone
> applications on computers and Android phones). [...]

Hey Bob, any recommendations for SIP clients? Do you like the GXP device? And
which Android SIP client do you prefer?

In terms of handsets, I'm managing some Aastra 9143i handsets, which were great
for a few years but then mysteriously refuse to boot for a few weeks at a time.
I've been looking at Granstream GXP or Polycom for replacements...

On the Android side, my wife has been using CSipSimple, but I'm not sure that's
the best option. I'm getting an Android device in a few days and will begin
playing around with it. (On my N900, Maemo Fremantle has integrated SIP support
with the Phone application, and I've mostly used Ekiga as a desktop SIP client.)
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