Blaise Alleyne email+libre at blaise.ca
Sat Jan 2 16:40:36 UTC 2016

On 02/01/16 04:15 PM, Bob Jonkman wrote:
> [...] Something I haven't been able to do: Call one phone from another using
> voip.ms. Each phone (analog, VOIPphone or SIP client) has its own
> sub-account on voip.ms, and I've assigned "Internal extensions" to
> each. But I haven't figured out how to call an internal extension.
> This wasn't available with the POTS we had before, so it's not a loss
> in functionality, but it would be nice to get that working. Any hints?
> [...]

I'm not sure about VoIP.ms, with on my FreeSWITCH setup, you can just dial the
username to dial internally. For example, dialing 'balleyne' or '223' on another
SIP client connected to our FreeSWITCH server would ring my extension. (That is,
dialing 'balleyne at thesipserver.domain.tld')

I imagine with VoIP.ms, it'd be similar, with the subaccounts as usernames?
That's be my first guess.

Looks like there's some documentation around getting an external SIP URI for
subaccounts on the VoIP.ms wiki:

There's probably details somewhere on the wiki about making an internal call, if
their system is set up for that.

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