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Thu May 14 15:32:52 UTC 2015


GTALUG is having the annual Linux in the Park Potluck this year at
Dufferin Grove Park on 25th July at 2pm.

Things we will provide: Plates, Cutlery, Serviettes, Cups, and Garbage bags.

Things you might want to bring: chairs, tasty beverages (that are
non-alcoholic, as the city prohibits alcoholic beverages in the park),
food stuffs that you would like to share and enjoy, tarp/blanket,
sunscreen, hats, things to help survive the warmth of the Canadian

We will doing this in a pot-luck style. Thus, please bring enough food
and drink for yourself and your guests, and try to bring enough to
share with others in the group.

We are using a Trello board to organize everything:

Note that if you forget anything you needed, Dufferin Mall is across
the street, featuring a supermarket (No-Frills) department store
(WalMart), as well as other specialty stores.

## Location

Dufferin Grove Park
875 Dufferin Street
Toronto, Ontario



## Social Media Links

Facebook: <https://www.facebook.com/events/694777713981257/>

Google+: <https://plus.google.com/events/ch21nnnjdcq6prpp575vc0no7cc>

## Code of Conduct

We want a productive happy community that can welcome new ideas,
improve every process every year, and foster collaboration between
individuals with differing needs, interests and skills.

We gain strength from diversity, and actively seek participation from
those who enhance it. This code of conduct exists to ensure that
diverse groups collaborate to mutual advantage and enjoyment. We will
challenge prejudice that could jeopardize the participation of any
person in the community.

The Code of Conduct governs how we behave in public or in private
whenever the Linux community will be judged by our actions. We expect
it to be honored by everyone who represents the community officially
or informally, claims affiliation, or participates directly. It
applies to activities online or offline.

We invite anybody to participate. Our community is open.

Please read more about the GTALUG Code of Conduct here:

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the GTALUG Code
of Conduct please contact one of the GTALUG Board Members @
<board at gtalug.org>.
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