[GTALUG] Lenovo Thinkpad T410

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Wed Jan 28 08:21:41 UTC 2015

| From: John Moniz <john.moniz at sympatico.ca>

| There seems to be a general appreciation of Thinkpads on this list. I have my
| eye on a Thinkpad T410 and was wondering if anyone has reason to suggest that
| I should stay away from that particular model.

The T-series is appreciated in the Linux world.  (The W series is like
T, with a bit more capability).

If you are paying a store to do this, you are spending real money.
You might as well pay a bit more and get at least a T420 (in my
opinion).  A T430 is even better but I think that many are unhappy
with the T440's trackpad (I may be misremembering).

I'm more familiar with the T5x0 models, but they are very similar.
I care a lot about the screen resolution, and there are choices.
CPUs matter too.  In notebooks, I prefer recent CPUs for their lower
power consumption.

But of course I don't know what you value.

There are a lot of resources about Linux on Thinkpads on the net.

One source for old thinkpads is IBM itself.  Sometimes there are good
deals, sometimes not:
Right now, I consider these prices high.

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