[GTALUG] Lenovo Thinkpad T410

Lennart Sorensen lsorense at csclub.uwaterloo.ca
Mon Jan 26 18:02:20 UTC 2015

On Sun, Jan 25, 2015 at 11:53:06PM -0500, Blaise Alleyne wrote:
> Unfortunately, the model number isn't enough to go on by itself. While ThinkPads
> tend to be pretty good in general, it depends on some specific hardware inside
> it (and even the same model can come with slight variations).

Well all mine end in CTO, so you really don't know what is in them unless
you were the one that ordered it.  My guess is that CTO means 'Configure
To Order' or something like that.

> Does it have a standard Intel onboard graphics card, or does it have a Nvidia
> graphics? There are only proprietary Nvidia drivers available for GNU/Linux,
> whereas I think Intel graphics are usually good for free software drivers.

Yeah nvidia graphics can be a tad tricky to get working, although in the
case of my W530, it works fine with the intel graphics if I am willing
to ignore the nvidia even existing (I have managed to get optimus working
though for the times I want 3D fast).  The older ones that didn't use
optimus ought to work with nvidiafb in general, but I suppose a few
might need the proprietary nvidia drivers to work.

> The other tricky this is wireless, and going with Intel isn't enough... I have
> Intel wireless adapters for my ThinkPad X60 and T61, both of which do *not* work
> with free software and require proprietary drivers in GNU/Linux. I thought I was
> okay because the wireless cards were "intel" when making the purchase, but I was
> wrong about the particular type of Intel wireless adapter.

No the intel wifi requires non-free firmware, but the drivers are fine.
If you go back far enough to the old 2200, then it was a problem, but
anything recent is fine.

> (My workaround has been to buy a USB wireless adapter from ThinkPenguin for ~$25.)
> In my (limited) experience, it's the graphics and wireless cards that you need
> to watch out for. Some may not work with free software drivers in GNU/Linux.

Len Sorensen

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