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Sun Jan 25 22:26:16 UTC 2015

On 25/01/15 05:21 PM, John Moniz wrote:
> Hi all,
> I need to get a computer for a project that requires a program that is
> only available for windows. However, I intend to dual boot with Linux
> and want to make sure that I buy something that is nicely compatible.
> And I'm looking for the portability of a laptop.
> There seems to be a general appreciation of Thinkpads on this list. I
> have my eye on a Thinkpad T410 and was wondering if anyone has reason to
> suggest that I should stay away from that particular model. The store
> will be installing Windows 7 and they apparently have enough Linux
> knowledge to install a dual boot system.
> I believe there was someone on the list (I think from Kitchener) who
> sold laptops pre-installed with linux. If that person is still around,
> I'd welcome a contact off list.
> Thanks,
> John.

I've had a T400s, x120e and now W530, all running Fedora without issue. 
The main question is the model of wireless card in the machine... I 
always get the proper Intel-branded ones. The cheaper ones probably work 
fine, but they might require a wrapper, not sure.

The only thing I'd suggest is to look at prices for the T420... Probably 
won't be much different and would win you another generation. Generally, 
Thinkpads (T,X and W series) are solid bets.

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