[GTALUG] Power Supplies & Video Cards

Kevin Cozens kevin at ve3syb.ca
Fri Jan 9 20:43:20 UTC 2015

On 15-01-06 02:18 AM, D. Hugh Redelmeier wrote:
> | From: Kevin Cozens <kevin at ve3syb.ca>
> | Any spec for a video card as to power supply wattage would be a minimum.
> Not in my (limited) experience.  I have bought cards that wanted to
> specify how big my system's power supply was because the actual
> required arithmetic is too hard for customers.  They just guessed at
> what the rest of my system would require and left a margin for error.
> The real specs are a little tricky in theory (I don't actually know
> what things are like now).

Yes, it is a bit more complicated an issue than I may have made it out to be 
but I didn't want to overwhelm the person asking the question with too many 
details. There are websites online that let you estimate the power 
consumption of a computer based on what is inside the box. Even those can be 
based more on typical values for different items rather and may still not 
represent the actual power requirements for the items in ones own computer case.



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