[GTALUG] Ubuntu Thunderbird Problem After Replacing Drive With /home

Kevin Cozens kevin at ve3syb.ca
Fri Jan 9 20:39:27 UTC 2015

On 14-12-28 04:23 PM, Stephen wrote:
> I am running Ubuntu 12.04.
> I had /home on its own drive and that drive was getting SMART warnings.
> I backed my data up, replaced the drive, restored, booted and everything
> seems OK except my Thunderbird filters.

A proper backup system should not have left you with issues in your 
Thunderbird filters unless the recovery process copied the Thunderbird files 
on to a machine with a slightly different path to the directory containing 
the mail files. Running in to a case where something didn't work right (in 
this case the filters) makes you take a second look at the backup procedure 
to make sure something wasn't missed in the process.



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