[GTALUG] Second router as wireless ethernet bridge

Thomas Milne thomas.bruce.milne at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 03:05:45 UTC 2015

On Jan 7, 2015 9:33 PM, "Stephen" <stephen-d at rogers.com> wrote:
>>     router 1 is, router 2 is
>>     both have as subnet mask
>>     Router 1 gives out addresses starting at
> Try giving the basement computer a static IP of with gateway

Well I have my Debian laptop connected to router 2 by ethernet as you
describe for admin and testing, so ya I can view the router web interface
and ping the router of course also.

Neither the laptop, nor the wirelessless (tm) computer can access the
internet this way.

> Make sure that you can ping the basement router
> Make sure you can access the basement router's control panel
> Make sure that the basement router has a gateway of


> Use Open DNS on the basement computer

Not sure what you mean, sorry. You mean blank, or use OpenDNS, the company?
The problem is it can't get past the router it is connected to so...

> Try to ping an external IP
> Try to ping a domain

Either using gateway of .1 or .2 made no difference at all.

No DNS, nothing. I tried, host unreachable.

Thanks for replying! This is driving me bonkers...router 2 will not
communicate with router 1 and I can't see why.
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