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Sorry, wasn't thinking when I typed it. Did you try

So 2nd router as as wireless repeater, the channel needs to be different
or else they would fight with each other. The SSID shouldn't be the same
as per the article. Most mobile devices supports multiple access point
profile and they will auto-connect to which ever has greater strength.

I'm pretty sure you are looking at

"Technically, when in client mode, your router can only pass the
incoming wireless signal to clients connected to one of the router's LAN
ports. To re-broadcast the signal wirelessly, the router would need to
be configured as a repeater—unfortunately, Tomato does not yet support
repeater mode."


I don't have a tomato so I wouldn't know, but I've tested it with 2
DD-WRT, 1 in Primary Gateway (DNS+DHCP) and one acting as wireless
repeater and it works for me.
On 1/7/2015 9:22 PM, Thomas Milne wrote:
> I don't think you understood what I am trying to do. The routers will
not be physically connected, only over wireless.
> On Jan 7, 2015 9:19 PM, <littlebear at xxw.ca <mailto:littlebear at xxw.ca>>
>     ‎Plug the second router (acting as switch) WAN port to regular
port. There should be no WAN Ethernet connected on the second router
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>     Here's another project I'm working on that is driving me around
the bend.
>     Sorry this is such a long story...
>     A computer in our basement has no wireless, so instead of running a
>     long cable to it, I wanted to put a router beside it and have it
>     connect to that router by ethernet, and then have that router connect
>     to the main one over wireless. No, I did not plug the computer into
>     the WAN port... ;-)
>     I have an old Linksys router WRT54GL v. 1.1 running Tomato 1.28, and
>     my main router, the Buffalo N600 which has DD-WRT.
>     According to about a hundred different howto's it should be very
>     I set the second router to an IP outside the DHCP range of the first,
>     and set also set it to use the first router as gateway and DNS. I also
>     set the SSID and password the same, and also the type of security
>     used. Oh, and obviously I set the second router as 'Wireless Ethernet
>     Bridge'.
>     router 1 is, router 2 is
>     both have as subnet mask
>     Router 1 gives out addresses starting at
>     Am I correct in assuming that DHCP broadcasts should be relayed by the
>     second router? In wireless bridge mode it doesn't appear to even have
>     the option of offering DHCP...
>     I noticed that the Buffalo will let you set up a virtual interface, so
>     I tried using that with no security at all.
>     I also found something here:
>     that said I should set the second router to operate as a router and
>     not as a gateway so I changed that.
>     Still no ping response from google.com <http://google.com> :-\
>     The only thing I can think of is that maybe the firewall settings are
>     wrong on the second router, running Tomato.
>     Respond to ICMP is unchecked, Allow Multicast is unchecked, NAT
>     Loopback is set to Forwarded Only, and Enable SYN cookies is
>     unchecked.
>     Help!
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