[GTALUG] Power Supplies & Video Cards

Kevin Cozens kevin at ve3syb.ca
Tue Jan 6 03:41:16 UTC 2015

On 14-12-30 01:14 PM, DAVID CHIPMAN wrote:
>  I have a computer wit a 300W PSU. It currently has an
> onboard video chip, which I would like to replace with a video card. Now,
> the video card specs mention needing a 300W PSU. My question is: Would that
> 300W requirement be a minimum, or what the card would need to work full-on?

Any spec for a video card as to power supply wattage would be a minimum. If 
your power supply wattage is higher, no problem. You can't really know the 
power consumption of your system without measuring it. You can estimate it 
and that will give you an idea how much you are pulling from the supply.

When you add a video card to your system you don't want to be pulling 300W 
from a 300W power supply. You would like your power supply to be capable of 
more wattage than you are normally pulling from it so you don't stress the 
power supply.



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