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Sat Mar 22 23:47:32 UTC 2014

> From: Russell
> Sent: 03/22/14 07:55 AM
> Ok. This has nothing to do with linux an in fact is promotion of hate of persons and if this person is enumerated in Ontario's human rights code the list managers become liable for damages if they don't stop these posts.
> Who is the list manager and what do they have to say about this?
> I was once victimized by haters on this list and had to deal with that myself. I didn"t sue but perhaps I should have.
> Calling a person a paedophile and bashing people for their associations on this list is at the very least slander and is not lawful in Canada.

Hey, I never called him or anyone here a paedophile, or greenwasher, or microsoft stooge, or even an admin of pentium-2 beowolf clusters,

But, holy fucking shit, freeboot and planetgeekycanada and cyberequalpoverty are gonna go RIAA on everyone!!!

Don't worry, these weasly charities(which according to you should not be expected to have anything to do with linux) seem to pop up and go-under so often, nothing actually stays around to remain slanderable. Or faultable. Since it didn't actually get defended instead of a bunch of "poor underappreciated ushnish" noise, it looks like it did go under.
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