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Ok. This has nothing to do with linux an in fact is promotion of hate of persons and if this person is enumerated in Ontario's human rights code the list managers become liable for damages if they don't stop these posts.

Who is the list manager and what do they have to say about this?

I was once victimized by haters on this list and had to deal with that myself. I didn"t sue but perhaps I should have.

Calling a person a paedophile and bashing people for their associations on this list is at the very least slander and is not lawful in Canada.

Whatever personal ax this poster has to grind is not welcome here or any place which has reasonable rules of conduct,

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>> Sometimes we just know someone who is trying to learn the basics of
>> maybe a cousin, a friend, etc.
>And sometimes we just know someone associated with
>Planetgeek/Cyberequality, or the Unitarian Church, or maybe a mental
>hospital that someone from one of those ended up in, or a designated
>recruiting scout that isn't officially part of the "charity", or a few
>such people.
>> In fact, Ushnish, that´s a nice tip.
>Funny how all of a sudden it's now notable. Too bad anyone's attempts
>to rub up to poor ushnish wouldn't even mean anything to him if he's
>accustomed to being seen/referred to as "mr. president".
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