FYI - EdX offering free online Introduction to Linux course

Molly Tournquist mollytournquist-ifvz4xmYPRU at
Fri Mar 21 05:19:11 UTC 2014

> From: Ushnish Sengupta
> Not that most people on this list need an Introduction To Linux course
> But it starts in the fall, so plenty of time to sign up, take the course
> and critique it after. Hey maybe even come up with a better course if you
> can!

Ushnish, aren't you supposed to be at a meeting at freeboot or planetgeekycanada or whatever your paedophile-housing charity was called and resume scheming to take over linuxfest and turn it into one big non-conference and bringing extended cable TV and Pentium 2 beowulf cluster access to the homeless? Or do you just vastly prefer pimping these pseudo-quasi-courses because of how much you relish driving univeristy people up the wall?
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