ISP filtering port 25

James Knott james.knott-bJEeYj9oJeDQT0dZR+AlfA at
Sun Mar 16 12:29:05 UTC 2014

Bob Jonkman wrote:
> I left Rogers for two reasons: Filtering port 25, and changing my IP
> erratically even though I was supposed to have a static IP (they still
> had those in 2001).
> I switched to Teksavvy in 2005 (maybe earlier). Teksavvy understands
> that static IPs are the ones that don't change, and they don't filter
> any ports.  Static IP is an extra service for which I pay an
> additional $4/month, which also gets me newsgroup access and an MLPPP
> connection. Even with an extra $4/month I'm still paying half of what
> I did with Rogers.  Admittedly, Rogers speeds exceed anything Teksavvy
> is able to offer in my area, but I'm comfortable blaming that on Bell.

I'm also on Rogers.  My IP address rarely changes, usually when I change
hardware.  However, the host name never changes, unless you change the
cable modem or firewall NIC.  So, I use an alias on the DNS server I use
that allows me to use my own domain name to reach the Rogers host name.

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