Rewrite corner case issues

William Muriithi william.muriithi-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w at
Fri Mar 14 12:08:54 UTC 2014


I am trying to force all connections to a web server to use ssl. I do have
an old system that can't handle ssl properly and have to exempt it from ssl

The https exception work. When I type
it remains http and loads fine. However, anything else that arrive as http
just time out.

For example " <>"
time out but " <>"
works. That make me suspect the RewriteRule is wrong, but haven't figured
what I may be missing despite tinkering with it for 2 hours night. Hoping
someone could easily notice my mistake, would highly appreciate any pointer.

RewriteEngine On <VirtualHost *:80> <Location /soap/servlet/> ProxyPass</Location>

<Location /> RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/soap/servlet [NC] RewriteCond
%{HTTPS} off RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{SERVER_NAME}%{REQUEST_URI} [R,L]
</Location> </VirtualHost>

Or better, would there be a better way of achieving the same goal?


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