[TLUG-ANNOUNCE]: GTALUG Meeting - Tuesday at 7:30pm - Cortex-M, For Type-A Developers with Trevor Woerner

Lennart Sorensen lsorense-1wCw9BSqJbv44Nm34jS7GywD8/FfD2ys at public.gmane.org
Wed Mar 12 14:11:11 UTC 2014

On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 09:06:13AM -0400, Myles Braithwaite wrote:
> # *Cortex-M, For Type-A Developers* with _Trevor Woerner_
> Coding, compiling, programming, and debugging Cortex-M devices in an
> all-Linux development environment.

Great presentation.

Some of us were discussing what the Cortex-R chips could be comapred to
the Cortex-M and Cortex-R.  So I went and looked.

Apparently they have low latency interrupt handling to help real time,
they have faster local memory, they are available with lock step redundant
cores (so even if a core fails they can continue as if nothing happened),
and they have ECC (error correction) on the busses and caches, and
various other features to make them super reliable.

Essentially they are for safety critical real time applications.
So control systems and such.

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