What is the integer limit for bash 4.0.28 arithmetic?

Walter Dnes waltdnes-SLHPyeZ9y/tg9hUCZPvPmw at public.gmane.org
Wed Sep 30 01:53:50 UTC 2009

"bash --version" tells me I'm running...
GNU bash, version 4.0.28(1)-release (i686-pc-linux-gnu)

  In preparation for billing-by-the-byte, and with help from people on
the Teksavvy forum on DSLreports, I was able to cobble together some
perl code that queried my ST546 modem via telnet to get the exact number
of bytes of traffic I use.  It has separate numbers for loop, internet
WAN, and local LAN traffic.  The telnet commands are supposed to be the
same for the 516 (the 1-port version) and my 546 (the 4-port version).
I can post the code if people are interested.

  My question is... how large a number will bash (4.0.28(1)) integer
arithmetic be able to handle?  I can use "bc" if necessary, but prefer
to use as few external programs as possible.

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