Still fighting against telco's limiting other ISP

John McGregor mr.mcgregor-bJEeYj9oJeDQT0dZR+AlfA at
Mon Sep 28 19:07:05 UTC 2009

Madison Kelly wrote:
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> Industry Canada has conducted a public consultation and contacted 
> provincial and territorial counterparts to seek their input.  The 
> department is engaged in a thorough analysis of the issues.
> As the matter will be decided by Cabinet, it would be inappropriate to 
> comment on the merits of the CRTC decisions or any party's position.
> Kim Blain
> Constituency Assistant
> Office of Terence Young, MP Oakville
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> Oh well.
> Madi
Hardly surprising, given this quote from his official website:
"Prior to entering public life, Terence was a manager at Bell Canada 
with various roles that developed his communication skills and 
government expertise. For example, as Government Affairs Manager, he was 
responsible for addressing privacy concerns liaison with social service 
agencies (such as women’s shelters and in Children’s Aid Societies) 
during the introduction of Call Display."

If I was a Bell lobbyist, I'm pretty sure I'd know which office to pitch 
my tent in.

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