GPL wins in French court case

Michael Lauzon mlauzon-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w at
Thu Sep 24 20:16:03 UTC 2009

Short article, will include it all here; and there's a PDF of the
ruling on the site, if you want to comment directly on the site it's
from -- besides commenting on the list -- the URL will follow:

"An appeals court in Paris has upheld the ruling from a lower court,
which found that the French firm Edu4 had violated the GNU General
Public License (GPL). The plaintiff was the French Organisation
Association française pour la Formation Professionnelle des Adultes
(AFPA), an umbrella organization for adult education.

"In 2000, Edu4 equipped the AFPA's computer rooms. In the process, the
IT firm used a version of the VNC remote desktop software without
providing the AFPA – as required by the GPL – with the source code on
request. In addition, it turned out that Edu4 had removed copyright
and licensing notes from VNC.

"When the matter could not be settled out of court, the AFPA took the
IT firm to court and won, but Edu4 appealed the decision. Now, the
higher court has confirmed the ruling that Edu4 should pay €8,000
(£7,195) to the AFPA and cover both the cost of court proceedings and
two expert opinions."


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