Still fighting against telco's limiting other ISP

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Thu Sep 24 20:13:15 UTC 2009

yOn Thu, 24 Sep 2009, Amanda Yilmaz wrote:

> I'd love to write a letter of my own about this, ASAP.

> However, I may be limited in what I can do because I'm not a citizen
> of Canada yet, though I am a permanent resident (landed immigrant)
> and intend to apply for citizenship once I'm eligible, which should
> be next year.

   I've been a landed immigrant for 44 years!

> Before I start composing my letter, does anyone here know what the
> legal situation is for non-citizen residents who wish to contact MPs
> or other government officials urging them to act on a major issue
> such as this one?

   The only thing you cannot do is vote. (And a few other very minor

> Is it okay to contact them, with the understanding that a letter
>  from a non-citizen would obviously carry less weight? Or is it
>  considered interference from an outsider, illegal and a deportable
>  offence?

> Even if it's legal to contact them, I'm also concerned about marking
> myself as a troublemaker and inviting retaliation before I manage to
> obtain citizenship.

   Don't worry about that.

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