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On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 03:47:10PM -0400, Colin McGregor wrote:
> I would put an (*) after the above... with the following:
> (*) you can NOT get PCI Express cards that work directly with the
> likes Bell Express Vu / StarChoice. There are some cards that will
> work with Free-to-air systems.

True that is an option.

I have also seen places that offer to add a firewire output to a number of
satelite receivers.  I suspect this is considered illegal in some places.
No idea really.  It does mean you can dump the mpeg stream of the channels
you are subscribed to to mythtv though.  Not cheap though.

> Free-to-air satellite (FTA) systems are TV signals relayed via
> satellite that not encrypted. FTA options are an odd lot of:
> - Local regular TV stations looking for a larger audience (i.e.: CBS
> affiliate KEPR-TV, in Pasco, WA).
> - Government informational TV (i.e.: "NASA HD" or "US Veteran's
> Administration Knowledge Network").
> -  Religious TV channels (i.e.: "God's Learning Channel" or "Supreme Master TV")
> - Seldom heard in North America languages ("Jus Punjabi" or "  Ulibka
> Rebyonka" (Russian)).
> A list of FTA channels can be seen here:
> Bottom line, there are a few worthwhile gems in the FTA area, but
> there is also a LOT of ... totally useless junk (what class each
> channel falls into will depend on your language skills, religious
> views, etc...).

Getting listings data for mythtv would be interesting too.

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