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Wed Sep 23 17:54:07 UTC 2009

On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 10:12:02PM -0400, Dave Germiquet wrote:
> I'm looking to buy a new PC, that can be ran with mythtv and has the
> power to do video encoding and audio encoding.

Well my Q6600 based mythtv box certainly does that well.  A more efficient
dual or quad core would be possible now which would make for a cooler
and quieter box.

> It's going to be my multimedia center including using music with
> coaxial output, the problem I'm finding is that most of these
> motherboards only have 2 PCI regular slots...
> If even that, alot of them only have pci express slots.

If you avoid microATX then you get lots of slots, but you need a bigger
case (which also allows room for HDs.  Mine has room for 6 in the
HTPC case).

> Which leads me to questions like:
> Are there pci express slots that can do serial for ir blaster and ir
> remote? Are there PCI express tuners that can be found that will work
> with rogers digital cable or satellite tv or even Digital over the
> air?

Satelate: no
Rogers digital cable: no
Over the air: yes

For serial, there is always the USB to serial adapters as an option.
My HTPC case has a built in receiver for the remote which is USB based

> Are regular PCI slot being phased out completely now?

Getting there.

> Any suggestions would be helpful.

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