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Why don't you use a VPS?
For example,

It's simple and cheap.


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On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 11:16 AM, Madison Kelly <linux-5ZoueyuiTZhBDgjK7y7TUQ at> wrote:

> teddy mills wrote:
>> Can you think of an idiot proof single server setup?
>> A single server setup where they can fdisk/rm/dd whatever and still be
>> able to recover it from backup.They want a setup, where they can fix
>> whatever they messed up.
>> if all drives are active at any time it is not secure from the idiot.
>> the only thing that I can see would be a single server and PXE?
> Science can build a better machine, but human nature will always trump it
> with a better idiot.
> If you can get away with a PXE boot, that would probably be best, but
> nothing will protect the user's data created on the PXE session... Perhaps
> an hourly/half-hourly/quarter-hourly rsync to a backup machine without the
> '--delete' flag? That will protect against deletes, but not corruption of
> the file(s). Alternatively, have four rsync's run to four backup sources
> every other 15 minutes with a nightly to a fifth location? Would give you 24
> hours to realize you snarfed a file.
> In short though, I don't think you can... Not truly and not even close
> without significant investment. How close you can get depends on the amount
> of time you expect to pass before screw ups are realized and how far back in
> time you want to be able to recover from.
> Madi
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