really weird(?) DNS setup on linksys router running DD-WRT

Robert P. J. Day rpjday-L09J2beyid0N/H6P543EQg at
Mon Sep 21 14:23:52 UTC 2009

  i figure i might as well bug the tlug list on this one, since the
location is in TO.

  was helping someone install some linux software this weekend, and
there seemed to be intermittent network problems (losing ssh login
sessions), as well as DNS resolvability errors.

  took a look at a couple of the internal linux systems (call them and, and their /etc/resolv.conf files

  nameserver   (the router)
  search domain1 domain2

ok, i thought, they'll try to access the router for DNS info.  but
when i browsed over to the router, it was set up for DNS statically
with the first two entries:

am i just confused?  that makes no sense to me.  the internal systems
will consult the router for DNS, while the router turns around and
consults the internal systems?  am i missing something here?
shouldn't the router be set up to consult 3 *external* DNS servers, as
supplied by whoever their network provider is?  or am i just being


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