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Rajinder Yadav at
Sat Sep 19 03:37:10 UTC 2009

Robert Brockway wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Sep 2009, Rajinder Yadav wrote:
>> Anyone know of a good free or inexpensive site uptime monitoring site?
>> I guess I could write a ruby script to test my site, but I don't keep 
>> my linux box running 24x7.
>> I came across - but they check every 15 min, 
>> which I think the window is way too long.
> Hi Rajinder.  It sounds like you are after a monitoring system.  There 
> are a lot of OSS options.  I've used Nagios for a lot of years but am 
> gradually evaluating alternatives.
> You'll need another box to check on your website.  If a failure occurs 
> it can alert you through email or SMS.
> With Nagios I normally use 15 minute checks per service with Nagios.  
> The service checks are spread out so a box with 10 services being 
> checked would actually receive a check every 40 seconds.
> It's important to repeat checks several times before declaring a problem 
> to avoid false positives.
> Cheers,
> Rob

This is more than I need =), but will keep it in mind when I have a dedicated 
server host plan. Right now I just wanted a way to monitor if my website is up.

I guess the server could still be up so a simple ping test would not tell me if 
the webserver was down. I could do both a ping and http request for to test my 
site is up and running.

I was looking for another site that would monitor website and send me an email 
or sms text when it become offline.

Kind Regards,
Rajinder Yadav
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