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Thu Sep 17 13:08:42 UTC 2009

JoeHill wrote:
> Peter wrote: 
>> David J Patrick <djp at ...> writes:
>>> let's just pretend I can read a subject line, and carry on, shall we ?  
>> I tend not to answer political diatribes, because I am not into politics. Let
>> me rephrase that: when I was elected for various functions I refused the
>> offices at some risk and I consider politics incompatible with thechnology
>> and IT. Therefore  honni soit qui mal y pense, for example in case someone is
>> political enough to believe that a legitimate on topic question wrt. a
>> magazine may be viral advertising or such, aimed to sell a free subway paper
>> to a freebie oriented low volume news group. I will not answer further
>> messages related to the subject, literally or otherwise.
> What? I must have missed something...

ditto. I wasn't going to say anything for fear of another apolitical 

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